About Penny Greenberg

Penny Greenberg is the author of this series of books chronicling the adventures of Toby the Turtle and Mighty Magoo. She grew up in Montreal, Quebec, Canada. She now lives in Dundas, Ontario with her husband Peter and their Australian Shepherd, Roxy.

Penny is a former Primary School teacher who now runs the Dyslexia Resource Centre (www.dyslexiahamilton.ca) with her friend and business partner.

As a Primary School teacher Penny ran an environment club to promote recycling and an understanding and appreciation of the natural world.

Penny and Peter have three grown sons and twin grandchildren, Toby and Leah. Penny got the inspiration for writing this book shortly after the twins were born and nicknamed "Turtle" and "Magoo" by their father.

Penny has completed the second book in the Adventures of Toby the Turtle and Mighty Magoo and is currently working on the third. She welcomes ideas from her readers for the next installment of these environmental adventure stories. Feel free to , she'd love to hear from you

About Michele Kruegel

Michele Kruegel illustrates the adventures of Toby the Turtle and Mighty Magoo. In addition to this series, Michele has illustrated coloring books for the New Jersey and Connecticut Departments of Environmental Protection, a line of greeting cards, and miscellaneous editorial cartoons. She is also a freelance web designer of cool sites, like this one.

Despite a career in the arts and design, Michele's background is in environmental science, with a degree in Renewable Natural Resources from the University of Connecticut. She is also a Master Gardener in the state of Illinois. So any project that intertwines these two interests—arts and the environment—is an exciting project.

Michele was born and raised in New Jersey which, despite many hilarious jokes about "what exit?", really is deserving of the title garden state. She now resides in Chicagoland with her husband, daughter, and cats, Pele and Poborsky.

About Toby the Turtle and Mighty Magoo

Toby and Magoo Swimming

Toby is a turtle and Magoo is a frog. These names were chosen because when Penny's twin grandchildren were born Leah was nicknamed Magoo by her Dad because she had long slim arms and legs. Toby was nicknamed Turtle because of the shape of his nose!

Toby and Magoo live in the pond at the back of Farmer Peter's farm with lots of their critter friends. In each book Toby has a problem that relates to the environment, and with the help of their friends Magoo always finds a way to come to the rescue and solve Toby's dilemma!

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